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General Information - Terms & Conditions

In case of an accident, if police or jandarma reports (by promilmeter or laboratory tests) that renter had taken alcohol or drugs before a while or if the renter had used the car in an illegal event, insurance is not valid. In this case, the renter is obligated to pay all damages for the rental car and other vehicles (if they are involved in accident) and is responsible for all damages which are suffered.

In case of renter sees a technical warning on the indicator of the car, sees the level of heat increases, feels any change on the traction of the car or observes smoke rising from the motor or back part of the car, he is obligated to stop the car near a secure place and inform our company.
After a diagnose in an offical brand workshop, if it is reported that the renter has responsibility on the breakdown of the car, renter is obligated to compensate the fixing.

#Renter is obligated to check water-oil levels of the motor every 1.000 kms.

Rental car can’t be driven to out of Antalya region borders unless it is stated in the contract.Antalya region borders are shown below:

  • West - KALKAN
  • East - GAZİPAŞA

Unless it is stated in the contract if the renter drives the car to out of these borders , renter is obligated to pay penalty with the same amount of rental price.

Even our company agrees the rental car to be driven out of city borders after negotiating with client, all responsibility on rental car and passangers belong to the renter. Cause of any breakdown with the rental car or accident doesn’t change the situation. In this case, if the rental car needs to be taken from the scene by a towage vehicle, our company asks the car to be carried to MANAVGAT. Generally insurance companies assist the car free to the nearest official service from the scene.Renter is obligated to pay difference fee of the towage vehicle between closest official workshop - MANAVGAT in this case.

Renter is obligated to submit the car until the contract end time.In case of rental car returns later than the contract end time, renter is obligated to pay 1 day rental fee as penalty after submitting car. Renter doesn’t have any right to extend time of rental because of this penalty fee.

Urban speed limit is 50 km/h - out of city speed limit is 110 km/h. In case of renter doesn’t obey these limits, through the alerts which reach to our company from the sensors in the car, renter is called by our company and warned. If the renter insists about violating speed limits after our calling or if the mobile number which the renter declares can’t be reached, our company has the right to enforce motor blockage to the rental car. In case of renter insists on trying to start the engine, possible breakdowns on the car which is made by this process is compensated by the renter.Renter can’t claim any rights on any subject because of motor block, our company doesn’t have any responsibility because of this situation.

In case of our company gets a traffic fine after rental period because of a speed radar or traffic ligths camera, these penalty documents are shared with the renter whose contract period matches with the date-time that is written on traffic fine. After sharing this information with the renter by e-mail, our company has the right to withdraw the amount of traffic fine with %25 discount (legally all traffic penalties are paid with %25 discount, if the payment is completed within 15 days after the date which our company gets the traffic fine).

Daily mileage limit by the car is 350 kms. On long term rentals mileage limit is 3.500 km per month.
In case of kilometer limit is exceeded, renter is obligated to pay %50 extra of the total rental price.